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Modular in plant office

A modular office is a series of connected offices that are installed into a space that wouldn’t traditionally have an office. This means that the modular in-plant office is popularly found in factories and warehouses. Inplant offices offer personal, quiet space, away from the loud floor to get work done. For this reason, they’re very popular additions to a workspace.

Here are three reasons why a modular in-plant office is worth installing:

Reduces Energy Costs

One of the great things about in-plant modular offices is that they actually reduce energy costs. Not only do they reduce energy consumption while the building process is going on by as much as 67%, but they also reduce costs on a long term basis for occupants. This means spending less on energy bills and more on what is important to running your business successfully. The benefit of reduced energy consumption benefiting the environment is an added bonus, which allows you to promote your office space as an environmentally friendly space.

Creates a Productive Workspace

By being able to step into a noise-free environment, in-plant offices offer managers and other office personnel a chance to work without distraction. This, in turn, increases productivity and reduces small errors that can occur. In the long run, this will both boost revenue and employee satisfaction. Think about how frustrating it can be for an employee trying to get office work done without the proper space for it. By adding a modular in-plant office you can prevent that frustration that would come from such distractions and lower employee turnover.

They are Customizable

No workspace is one size fits all. Every business has its own, individual needs to fill. That’s why one of the great benefits of installing an in-plant office is that they’re customizable office spaces. Whether you need offices, a printing room, or just a break room, a modular in-plant office can be adjusted to fit your needs. You even have your own design options within the offices themselves. With multiple wall types and cores, colors, and accessories, these designs won’t feel institutional. They’ll feel like your own.

If a person spends eight hours a day at work, they’re spending about 1/3 of their time on during weekdays at their job. Shouldn’t that job include as productive and comfortable a space as possible? Otherwise, you’re leaving an opportunity to be your best on the table.

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