Many of us can relate to the overwhelming frustration when our crops do not yield the outcomes we expect them to. The fallout isn’t too harsh when we plan to utilize those crops for personal use. However, when those crops are our livelihoods, it can result in financial challenges you’d like to avoid. Thankfully there are ways to ensure you yield high-quality crops every time with a cleanroom. Find out some of the advantages of growing cannabis in a cleanroom environment.

Greater Control

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of this cannabis growth method is the fact that you have much greater control over the environment. Much like other flowers and plants, cannabis will thrive under certain conditions and can dwindle into suboptimal ones. A cleanroom environment allows you to replicate the most optimal environment, resulting in more dependable harvests each time.

Meeting Lab-Testing Standards

Now that more states are legalizing cannabis for medicinal uses, there are protocols and regulations that come with that. Labs will test for harmful levels of pesticides and microbes to ensure your product meets those standards. Unfortunately, if your batch fails those standards, you might need to destroy it altogether or recall the product, which can result in significant financial loss. The main advantage of growing cannabis in a cleanroom environment is that it makes a grower less reliant on pesticides.

Safe Work Environment

Thankfully, using fewer pesticides puts yourself and your employees at a much lesser risk of exposure to those toxic chemicals. Moreover, cleanroom environments also reduce exposure to fertilizers, fungicides, and mold spores. A cleanroom environment is useful for reducing this risk because of increased ventilation, positive pressure, and particulate control.

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Reduce the Risk of Illness

The best part is that your finances and employees are not the only ones that benefit from a cleanroom environment—your customers benefit as well. When growing cannabis, fungal contamination is a huge concern, as mold spores are quite common and can negatively affect the health of your customers. Because a cleanroom environment nearly negates the need for pesticides or fertilizers, there is less likelihood of fungal contamination.