Medical facilities recognize the need for contaminant-free environments. The best way to undergo experiments is to operate in a cleanroom. And the best cleanrooms are modular ones. Read about the four benefits of a modular pharmaceutical cleanroom and consider purchasing this structure!

Quick Installation

The clear advantage of modular structures over traditional construction is the installation timeline. Modular cleanrooms are prefabricated rooms that are easy to install. The structures are portable, making them excellent for operation expansions. For example, the cleanroom can serve as a temporary laboratory for projects. Companies don’t have to worry about building delays with the quick assembly of cleanrooms.

Easy Maintenance

Modular cleanrooms meet ISO standards for cleanliness. ISO classifies cleanliness levels with numerical classes (1 through 9). Each cleanroom meets a different standard. For instance, National Partitions cleanrooms meet ISO classes 5-8.

As hygiene is a critical factor for cleanrooms, maintenance is simple. The FDA and USDA-compliant structures ensure that contaminants don’t infect the room. And features such as high-pressure laminated finishes and plenum walls contribute to cleanliness.

With such high standards in place, there’s no need for aggressive cleaning. Unlike cement walls from traditional buildings, modular structures come with a sterile environment that requires basic cleaning.

Enables Accuracy and Efficiency

A great benefit of a modular pharmaceutical cleanroom is that they enable accuracy and efficiency. Quality performance is key to medical applications and pollutants affect results. The cleanrooms are sterile work environments that allow professionals to conduct experiments and labs. Without the threat of air pollutants and impurities, operators can deliver accurate results.

Great Cost Advantage

Traditional construction is a significant investment, especially for pharmaceutical and other medical industries. Building time is much shorter with modular structures. Furthermore, companies must ensure that the room meets cleanliness standards when having it built. With these factors in mind, expect a lot of time and money to complete a suitable, traditional cleanroom.

On the other hand, modular cleanrooms save you time, effort, and money and provide a suitable room. With shorter lead times and less money, prefab cleanrooms are better investments. Operators receive a high-quality structure that meets all the necessary cleanliness standards.

National Partitions have the prefabricated cleanrooms you need! Visit our website for an estimate or call us at 800-996-7266 with any questions. We’re happy to assist you.