Sometimes referred to as a modular office, a prefabricated office is an office space built for open areas of what is otherwise a loud workspace. Factories are a common example of a building that benefits from prefabricated offices because they give workers quiet spaces to work in an otherwise loud environment. In fact, between 60-90% of prefabricated offices have been built in factories and warehouses. Now, there are a lot of spaces that can benefit from a prefabricated office, but it’s clear that factories are among the spaces with the most benefits. Here are a few reasons why:

They are Customizable

Prefabricated office spaces are customizable, which means that they can fit any needs that might pop up. It’s also common to have multiple offices connecting and serving different purposes. This means that a break room can be fitted with all of its needs next to an environmentally controlled room where testing takes place. Managers can get work done from an office equipped to fit their needs down to the number of outlets in the prefabricated office walls. Add in the fact that these are portable offices, and they keep employees from needing to go too far from one workstation to another, which saves time throughout the day.

They Give You a Quiet Place to Work in Loud Environments

One of the difficulties getting office work done in a factory environment is how loud it is, constantly. Now, for some, they may adjust to factory sounds over time, but for others, they need to find a quiet place to get away from the constant noise, and a prefabricated office is a great option for them. By their nature, prefabricated offices give employees who need quiet to get work done that space, which they wouldn’t otherwise have without. In turn, this makes them more productive and less likely to make errors in the long term, and the company’s they work for will thrive.

They are Cheaper and Quicker to Install than Traditional Office Space

A lot of the benefits offered by a prefabricated office, like offering a quiet space to work, can be offered by traditionally constructed offices. However, those traditional offices take a long time to construct and are incredibly expensive to install. That’s not the case with modular offices. By their nature, prefabricated offices are portable. This means that they are built off-site, and once they’re ready they are installed in the plant, rather than built there. This makes installation much easier and quicker. It also doesn’t interrupt any business going on the factory floor, because no one will have to work around contractors and construction. Furthermore, the modular model saves on construction costs, because it is easier to install. This not only saves a company money, but it gets you the resources that you need to work efficiently sooner, making factory workers more efficient sooner.

They are Better for the Environment

One of the best benefits of installing a prefabricated office is that it is an environmentally sustainable option. By the way that they are constructed, prefabricated offices take way fewer materials and ultimately less waste to construct. This is incredibly important for the environment, as waste and landfills are becoming a massive issue that is reaching an unsustainable level. By choosing modular offices, your company is able to say that they’re helping combat that issue, which is worth bragging about.

Installing a prefabricated office space is one of the best things that you can do for your business, regardless of what the business is. However, it’s easy to see why these spaces are incredibly popular among factories in particular. They increase efficiency and give your company the resources that it needs, without any of the drawbacks to traditional construction.