Modular enclosures are incredibly beneficial because they give you the ability to create a temporary room that functions like a permanent solution. There are many different ways you can use portable office walls and warehouse partitioning systems in your space.

Here are four ways you can use modular enclosures for your business.

Modular prefabricated offices

Modular prefabricated offices, also known as in-plant modular offices, provide fast temporary office spaces when you need it. Whether you're on a tight budget and can't afford to expand your commercial property at the moment or your workforce is rapidly changing, modular in-plant offices are the perfect solution.

In-plant modular offices can be easily reconfigured because of their portable office walls so you can relocate anywhere in your building. Portable office walls for these modular offices also come with a great selection of colors and textures so, even though the space is temporary, it still functions like a permanent solution.

Modular cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms are a great way to provide your business with an area that keeps your tests, tools, and products free from contamination. Whether you're producing medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging, modular cleanrooms are FDA/USDA compliant to meet your needs.

What's more, just like modular offices, modular cleanrooms come in a wide array of finishes. These finishes include high-pressure laminated finishes, baked-on acrylic painted 24 gauge galvanized steel, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Modular environmental enclosures

Approximately 90% of engineers, 84% of contractors, and 76% of architects use prefabricated or modular construction processes on at least some of the projects. Modular environmental enclosures are invaluable for industries that rely on noise containment and dust containment.

Modular enclosures can be used for powder coat rooms, laser enclosures, and assembly and inspection rooms where controlled environments are necessary for the health and safety of employees. These prefabricated spaces can be built to include HVAC systems, filtration systems, and computerized control systems and alarms when necessary.

Guard booths and equipment shelters

It can be expensive to construct permanent structures when you need an exterior building. Fortunately, modular enclosures can be used to create durable and insulated guard booths and equipment shelters to keep personnel comfortable equipment secure.

Modular guard booths are strong and durable, capable of protecting your personnel and equipment from the elements including wind, rain, and snow. Each booth can be customized to meet industry conditions and to accommodate your work area.

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