Environmental enclosures can maintain a specific environment for different industries. Whether you need product storage or lab testing, this type of enclosure is the way to go. You can control temperature, humidity, and many other factors. If you’re thinking about acquiring an enclosure, check out the four most common applications for environmental enclosures.

House Sensitive Electrical Equipment

Environmental enclosures can house sensitive electrical equipment such as IT equipment, automation electronics, and telecommunications cable. When working in warehouses or large spaces, it’s critical to have a designated spot for electrical equipment. Doing so will minimize equipment damage and give IT specialists the assurance that all electrical components are safe.

Maintain Environmental Conditions for Plants

You can maintain environmental conditions for plants in this type of enclosure. Some plants require specific temperatures, humidity levels, and light exposure to thrive. Fortunately, an environmental room can recreate the perfect atmosphere to house your plants.

Store Testing Products

Another common application for environmental enclosures is storing testing products. Factories and warehouses that need rooms for product development and testing can use the enclosures to ensure the well-being of their items while having a controlled environment that won’t affect the product’s composition. Enclosures have HVAC systems that allow users to set specific temperatures as well as computerized controls and alarms to alert people on different things.

Store Machinery

Machine storage is another great application for environmental enclosures. Depending on the industry or job site, machines may need a specific storage area to avoid damage or theft. Enclosures offer the perfect amount of space to neatly store machines and equipment on a multitude of worksites. In addition, they’re highly accessible and customizable to fit a company’s needs.

Whether you need product storage or a lab testing area, environmental enclosures can fit your needs. Enclosures allow you to control temperature, humidity, and other factors. We hope our four most common applications for environmental enclosures gave you better insight into this modular room option. If you think an environmental enclosure is right for your industry or want to learn more about this option, please reach out to our team at National Partitions. We’re happy to answer any questions!