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A common challenge that warehouses face is maximizing space. Whether an influx of inventory happens, or excess material takes up room, finding ways to hold everything and perform tasks is a must! Here are four practical ways to optimize warehouse space to help your company.

Use Partition Walls for Work Zones

The main characteristic of a warehouse is its open floor plan. And while this factor enables significant storage and workspace, it’s also overwhelming for employees. Without proper organization, warehouses can become overcrowded. Luckily, warehouse partition walls create work zones within the organization that allows workers to organize material and divide warehouse space. Compared to a building renovation, partition walls are a cost-effective and simple way to optimize space.

Consider Vertical Racks and Stackable Bins

Floor space is precious to warehouses, and companies seek ways to maximize the area. Creating an adequate workspace is challenging, especially when you organize pallets and racks. Fortunately, vertical racks and stackable bins can significantly enhance the warehouse! Instead of relying on horizontal (floor) space, companies can hold more inventory by using vertical space. Not only do vertical racks and stackable bins increase floor space, but it increases productivity because workers won’t have to worry about finding space to hold extra items.

Identify Underutilized Warehouse Space

Although a lot of things happen in a warehouse, some spaces can serve new purposes. So, another practical way to optimize warehouse space is to identify underutilized areas. Companies can use places they never considered before. For example, employees can rearrange spaces that hold extra materials or storage racks and let it become a second holding ground for inventory. Ultimately, finding underutilized areas can help companies improve and organize their space better!

Find Efficient Storage Containers

Inventory comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, many warehouses use a “one-size-fits-all” packaging method to hold material. But finding efficient storage containers can maximize rack space. Organize inventory by size and place them in boxes that are suitable to hold them. For example, small items go in smaller containers, and large items go in large containers. Reorganizing by size can improve overall space.

If you’re interested in optimizing your company’s warehouse space with partition walls, please contact National Partitions. With affordable pricing and easy installation, we can help any space thrive! Call us at 800-996-7266 for a free estimate.

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