Cannabis extraction is a detailed process that requires specific tools and equipment. Therefore, it’s essential to have everything you need to successfully complete the extraction process. If you’re curious about the elements that extraction rooms require, check out these four things that every cannabis extraction room needs.

Code-Compliant Extraction Room

The only way to properly execute cannabis extractions starts with the room itself. Code-compliant extraction rooms are essential because they house cannabis and equipment in a temperature-controlled space that promotes proper growth. Spaces like prefab grow rooms and extraction rooms are perfect because you can control the lighting and HVAC system, as well as set computerized alarms.

Proper Extraction Equipment

The next thing that every extraction room needs is proper extraction equipment. From vacuum ovens and refrigerators to distillation and hydrocarbon machines, every room requires the proper tools and machines for successful extracting. However, commercial cannabis extraction facilities must receive approval from a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) before using equipment to ensure they comply with safety standards.

Hazard Communication Material

When working in a cannabis extraction lab, it’s critical to have hazard communication material in the room. Precaution signs, labels on containers, and safety data sheets are examples of essential information you should have in the room. Hazard communications keep extraction technicians safe because fluid solvents and combustible liquids are risky yet important parts of the extraction process. By following safety protocols, you can reduce accidents and injuries.

Exhaust and Ventilation System

Exhaust and ventilation systems are important to cannabis extraction rooms because they control odor, drying, and growing. Ultimately, you create the “environment” for your room, and you must understand that different parts of the extraction process need various air pressures and odor control. Exhaust and ventilation systems will become a significant part of this process as they will aid in components like chemical absorption and filtration.

We hope this list of four things that every cannabis extraction room needs has been helpful to you. If you’re interested in prefab grow rooms and extraction rooms, you should contact National Partitions. We offer high-quality rooms that will fit your needs! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!