A prefab hydroponic system is an efficient way to grow your plants. Grow rooms aim to maximize cultivation in a small space, allowing you to grow plants in spaces as tight as a closet. While setting up a grow room is a great idea for those with green thumbs, it can be tricky for beginners.

Grow rooms offer flexibility and allow you to save space while maximizing your operations. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, here are four tips for setting up a prefab hydroponic grow room.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

The first step to creating a grow room is finding the perfect space. You can dedicate almost any area to house your plants—from an open warehouse space to an empty room or storage closet. However, you want the room to be isolated from pests, contaminants, and other irritants.

Your modular grow room should also be near a water and power source. This is so the plants have adequate lighting and nutrients to survive. If not, you should create special lighting for your plants and have pure, filtered water on hand.

Be Intentional With Your Lighting

Plants need light to survive—even indoor plants. However, what you’re growing determines how much lighting you need and where you should install your lights. Some plants need direct light, others prefer indirect light, and some require a light-tight environment. Be sure to determine what your plants need to survive so they thrive in your grow room.

Don’t Forget To Adjust Your Room Temperature

When setting up a prefab hydroponic grow room, it’s important to remember that your room’s temperature matters. Some modular rooms have AC attachments to control the temperature within the space. Configuring your room for constant airflow will help your plants grow strong in their new environment. If your room doesn’t have an AC attachment, you can add exterior fans to remove hot air from the lighting.

Remember That Safety Matters

Most importantly, your safety matters. Remembering the many safety rules in place to prevent accidents and injuries is important. When installing a modular grow room, read the instructions and double-check your wiring and connections. Remember to uncoil your extensions, as they can get hot and cause a fire.

At National Partitions, we take pride in our high-quality modular rooms and products. If you’re thinking about setting up an indoor grow room, look at our environmental enclosures to maximize your growing operations. Our team is always ready to answer any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!