Modular warehouse offices are great because, for the most part, you get to choose the design. You get to decide how much space you need, what kind of things you want in the space, etc. While you design the office, don't forget to incorporate these popular office trends.

Multipurpose spaces

It's no secret that cubicles are disappearing from offices left and right nowadays, but what is replacing them? Well, it seems like multipurpose benches and tables are emerging to promote adjustable spaces. One minute the room can be used for a large presentation, and the next minute, four to six employees can meet to have lunch. It's all about versatility.

Lounge areas

It may seem weird to have an area meant for relaxing in your workplace, but it is very popular right now in terms of office design. This is because rigid workstations can actually inhibit productivity. According to Jeff Miller, a veteran of Apple, technology today has untethered the workspace, so you can have a designated lounge area to make working more enjoyable for all.

Community spaces

Collaboration is essential in today's focus on culture in the workplace. People want to interact with others at work, and having a designated community space can give them just that. You can design an area that has a large table that everyone can share, or even open desks so communication is not restricted by cubicle walls.

Elimination of permanent layouts

The beauty of modular construction is that it's not permanent. Modular components can be stacked, mixed, and moved around, giving you virtually endless combinations for your prefabricated office spaces. You can go in and change the layout when you and your employees feel like they're ready for a change, which is a largely desired quality for offices right now.

According to a report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, going with modular construction for your warehouse office can save you anywhere between 9% and 20% on construction costs. Before you get lost in all the money you're saving and start designing, think about these current office trends. You can do whatever you want with your modular warehouse office, and your employees will probably be happy if you choose to go with some of these popular office trends.