Warehouses are home to a variety of industries and work setups, but big and open spaces can get overwhelming. Utilizing smaller spaces designed and assigned for specific activities will increase productivity. It gives the personnel a quiet and safe space to work inside the central area. Maximizing the site is vital for performance, and enough room for everyone will translate into better productivity.

Modular in-plant offices are a great choice, but the benefits of a two-story in-plant office have no comparison. The same space with more room for action brings opportunities because of better distribution and even offers a better view.

Maximizing Air Space

With a workspace at floor level and an elevated one, maximizing the area delivers competitive advantages with a simple but effective design. Utilizing double the area allows better use of the installations by providing more room for work and keeping everything in one place. Whether used as offices or storage, the options are endless, as are the growth opportunities.

Quick Installation

The delivery and installation of these units are quick with the help of our professionals, and defining the modular area will leave no room for error. Professionals developed the installation process for easy movement of the piece and a strong foundation. The building is safe and secure, and because the elements are prefabricated, all elements are sized correctly to fit.

Engineered for the Best

A prefab office comes in one piece, making it easier to move and transport. Despite the size of these units, they’re easy to handle and set up. They have clean walls with galvanized steel components, which makes them strong and durable, and you can always redesign the space depending on your needs.

Workers understand the immediate benefits of a two-story modular in-plant office the moment they use and walk down the hallways of their new office, and the units bestow a modern and stylish look to the warehouse.


Going modular means the ability to regulate smaller individual sources, saving on what is not being used at the time. The offices come from recyclable materials of the best quality, which minimizes waste and saves on resources. Materials like insulated polystyrene and honeycomb cores are used in the construction process.

Well-Equipped Units

We built these units with a thermal core that allows superior strength and insulation; they are fire-safe and cancel noise from the outside, making them perfect for the noisy warehouse environment. The doors are heavy duty and corrosion resistant. The windows come with a safety glass that increases light and visibility. Electrical outlets are safely wired with different options available.

For years, maintaining the best quality has been our main goal. Delivering a good product for a better experience can transform a workplace for the best. An intelligent way to distribute and design the space will benefit every area and keep performance at its best level.