Modular in plant offices

Modular in-plant offices are extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used for so many different applications, and here are just a few of them.

Break rooms

Modular in-plant offices can be used for breakrooms in addition to company work. They can give your employees a clean, quiet, and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy when they eat their lunches and enjoy their breaks. These modular offices can actually help improve worker productivity by providing a comfortable rest area as well as reducing the need for workers to travel far (outside of the warehouse) to take their breaks.

Conference rooms

Modular in-plant offices turned into conferences rooms keep training, safety, and production meetings near the plant floor and close to the action. Modular components can be constructed quickly, and they're easy to reconfigure and adjust in case you want to make any changes. This characteristic seriously maximizes their long-term value.

Cool-down/Warm-up rooms

These rooms are just as they sound. If your work environment is always really hot or really cold, your employees are going to need a break once in a while. Extreme temperatures can seriously wear on your body after a while, so turning your in-plant modular offices into a temperature-regulating room can be beneficial for you and your employee's health.

Machine enclosures

In line with the same concept as a cool-down or a warm-up room, your machines can use temperature-control too. These machine enclosures provide environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity, and particulates. This works well with printing equipment, injection molding machines, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, coordinate measuring machines, and process control or containment.

Control rooms

Control rooms help you minimize distractions from the noise and activity happening in the warehouse during the workday. Modular in-plant offices are very often used to create control rooms that provide sound and environmental control for employees. You can use the control room for meetings, presentations, and more. As you can see, modular in-plant offices are extremely versatile and can meet almost any need you might have. Plus, 60% to 90% of all prefabricated construction occurs in a warehouse or factory, so the projects can be completed much faster with this method. It's a double win for you!