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Many people don’t give much thought to the sanitation requirements for the countless products we utilize each day. It may seem surprising, but even the smallest particle can jeopardize an entire product. Such a situation can have a range of consequences that can affect consumer health, product efficacy, and overhaul costs. That’s why many industries install and utilize clean rooms in an effort to avoid such stressful situations from occurring. Here are some things you should know about prefab cleanroom walls.

Temperature Control

There are countless products that can easily degrade when subjected to changing temperature conditions. That’s why you’ll need a room where you can control the temperature and humidity to ensure your product comes out exactly as it should. Cleanrooms are phenomenal at maintaining temperature and humidity, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuations.

Different Wall Types

The nice thing about prefab cleanroom walls is that you have options. At National Partitions, we want to ensure you have customization opportunities so you create the modular cleanroom that’s best for you. We offer LEEDwall, ToughWall, and CleanWall, each with different designs and features that can accommodate your project.

Ability To Rearrange

One thing you should know about prefab cleanroom walls is that you can rearrange them however you wish. That means you aren’t stuck to a certain design or structure. If you find the design you currently have no longer benefits your project as well as it once did, you can easily rearrange your room. With that, you are free to relocate your cleanroom as well.

Store and Reuse

Once you have a cleanroom, you have it forever. Our cleanrooms will last the long haul. So, if your project no longer requires a cleanroom, you can disassemble it and keep it in storage. If you find you ever need to use it again, you can head to your storage room and reuse and reassemble our cleanroom walls.

Effective and Efficient

Of course, one of the most important aspects of cleanroom walls is that they work. It can be quite stressful having to ensure that your room is sterile as you work on your project or product. However, when you use our cleanrooms, you can rest assured that you’re working in a sterile environment.

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