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5 Questions to Ask Before You Design Your Modular Office Building

Logical Position | Jun, 22 2018

modular office building

Modular construction is becoming very popular due to the fact that it is much faster than traditional construction, and it also saves owners money and time. Before you start designing your modular office building, ask yourself the following questions. 

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3 Unexpected Businesses that can Benefit from Portable Walls

Logical Position | Jun, 07 2018

If you’re looking to create a better working environment for your employees or establish a more welcoming atmosphere for clients, relying on the unique capabilities of modular office walls will be sure to set your business apart from the rest. Though most well-known for working in an office setting, portable...

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4 Ways Modular In-Plant Offices Are Perfect For Your Warehouse

Logical Position | May, 15 2018

Warehouse offices are necessary for you to be able to keep your warehouse functioning, improve employee morale, organize your inventory, and improve your return on investment. When you're designing your warehouse offices, you should consider an in-plant modular office design, and here's why.


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The Benefits of Installing a Prefabricated Warehouse Partitioning System

Logical Position | May, 02 2018

Operating a large facility or warehouse can include a long list of job requirements that usually take precedence over some of the less-demanding job aspects. 

You might have to figure out a way to maximize workflow efficiency, but you don't even have an office yet. Or you need to figure out a way to keep your workers...

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The 4 Major Benefits of Modular Builds Over Traditional Builds for Offices

Logical Position | Apr, 12 2018

First of all, what are modular offices? Modular construction, also known as prefabricated construction, is the process of making all the same materials and meeting all the same building standards set forth by the International Building Codes (IBC) as conventionally built structures. Up to 40% of contractors...

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