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Why Choose a Modular Office

Logical Position | Apr, 01 2019

Most people spend a good chunk of their week in their offices at their job, so it’s important that that office space is comfortable and accessible. However, for those professions where office space can change, such as construction, engineering, etc., a modular office could be a good way to have that temporary...

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How Does Modular Construction Save Energy?

Logical Position | Feb, 25 2019

Modular construction has a wide variety of benefits when used for constructing your office buildings. However, one benefit that often goes overlooked is modular construction's eco-friendly opportunities. How exactly does making use of modular offices and other prefabricated building methods help you reduce...

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How An In Plant Office Can Benefit Your Warehouse

Logical Position | Feb, 13 2019

When designing and setting up your warehouse workspace, there are many factors to consider. How much space will you need for your work environment to be efficient? What sort of equipment do you need? Does everyone have a space to do their work to the best of their ability? One element of a warehouse...

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