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Considering An In-Plant Modular Office? Six Pros

Logical Position | Jun, 21 2019

An in-plant modular office system provides an alternative to a traditional office environment. Also, having a modular office actually gives your business a custom design. The advantage of this is that the in-plant modular office is created expressly to completely accommodate the particular needs of your...

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Could Prefab Construction Save Your Company Money?

Logical Position | May, 20 2019

Running a business is incredibly expensive, especially if you end up having to relocate or start up a new location. Depending on the demands of your business, you may even need to construct your own, specially designed office spaces, rather than moving into an existing location. The cost of creating new...

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Why Choose a Modular Office

Logical Position | Apr, 01 2019

Most people spend a good chunk of their week in their offices at their job, so it’s important that that office space is comfortable and accessible. However, for those professions where office space can change, such as construction, engineering, etc., a modular office could be a good way to have that temporary...

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