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Modular vs. Traditional: Which Office Is Better For You?

Logical Position | Nov, 09 2018

When designing an office space, there are many important factors to consider. However, one that might sometimes get overlooked is the decision between modular or traditional construction. Many business owners assume that traditional is the only viable option for their business, but this isn't always the case....

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3 Things You Need To Know About Modular Cleanrooms

Logical Position | Oct, 09 2018

Modular construction has been on the rise in recent years. Going modular is a great way to reduce building costs and energy consumption. Whether you're creating inplant offices, building cubicles, or utilizing clean room partitioning systems, modular building methods are faster while still maintaining quality....

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Why Modular Offices Are Greener Than You Think

Logical Position | Oct, 04 2018

When people think about environmentalism and going green, very few people think of the office as the first place to make a change. However, offices can be an excellent place for going green, starting at the very beginning with their construction. Modular office spaces can be one of the most ecologically...

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4 Ways Modular Construction Can Save You Money With Your Warehouse Office

Logical Position | Sep, 18 2018

According to a report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia, modular construction can reduce building costs by 9%. In some cases, builders can save up to 20%. How does that work, you ask? Well, here are just some of the many ways modular construction can help save you money on your warehouse...

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Working In a Noisy Environment Is Detrimental, and In Plant Offices Can Help

Logical Position | Sep, 13 2018

There's no doubt that working in a noisy environment is annoying. While the noise is bad enough, working in a noisy environment actually very negatively effects employees. 

Noise causes stress

Loud noises and prolonged exposure to certain noises trigger a physiological stress response in our bodies. In a...

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