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Why Choose Modular Construction For Warehouse Offices?

Logical Position | Jul, 31 2019

The warehousing industry seems to be growing each and every day, with more retail jobs shifting into warehouse jobs. As warehousing becomes a larger part of the economy and job market, most warehouses are going to need to grow and expand to accommodate, including when it comes to their warehouse offices. So...

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The Benefits of a Pre-Fab In Plant Office

Logical Position | Jul, 17 2019

Modular offices have long been gaining in popularity. If you are in the manufacturing sector, an in plant office may be something you’re considering. This makes sense because about 90% of engineers, 76% of architects, and 84% of contractors make use of prefab or modular construction. There are several reasons...

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3 Industries That Should Utilize Modular Office Buildings

Logical Position | Jun, 24 2019

Modular office buildings can be built quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for businesses looking for fast solutions for added space. In fact, because about 60% to 90% of all prefabricated construction takes place in a factory or warehouse, modular offices can usually be made in bulk. And because of the...

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Considering An In-Plant Modular Office? Six Pros

Logical Position | Jun, 21 2019

An in-plant modular office system provides an alternative to a traditional office environment. Also, having a modular office actually gives your business a custom design. The advantage of this is that the in-plant modular office is created expressly to completely accommodate the particular needs of your...

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