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NEMA ensures that enclosures are suitable for environmental conditions. These ratings protect equipment from damage and people from injuries. Follow this quick guide to NEMA environmental enclosure ratings for beneficial information!

Understanding NEMA Ratings

The National Electrical Manufacturer Association, NEMA, is an organization that forms standards for the manufacturing of electrical equipment. They also create guidelines for enclosures that outline safety standards and environmental properties. The NEMA enclosures are carbon or stainless-steel boxes that protect electrical equipment.

Furthermore, the boxes protect people from accidental contact with electrical units (preventing electrocution). To define the boxes’ safety, NEMA has a rating system that outlines the type of environments an electrical enclosure can stay in.

Generally, NEMA focuses on outdoor elements that can affect exposed wiring. However, the ratings are relevant to environmental enclosures and other modular structures.

NEMA Rating Charts

NEMA classifies ratings into a numerical system that distinguishes the box’s level of protection and their suitable environment. Take a look at some of the rating chart:

What’s the Best Rating?

While reviewing the NEMA environmental enclosure ratings, you may wonder which rating is best. Among the classifications, NEMA 6 ranks supreme. It has optimal weatherproofing and keeps away environmental elements; however, the other options are effective, too!

Purchase environmental enclosures from National Partitions. The modular structures are customizable, affordable, and created with top quality materials. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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