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What is Modular Inplant Office Space?

If you haven't heard the term before, you are probably wondering what modular inplant office space refers to. Modular office inplants are prefabricated office walls and portable office walls that can be used to turn a warehouse office into sectioned off areas to work. According to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Program), modular construction can reduce waste materials by up to 90%. This is just one of the many reasons people are turning a warehouse office into a more modular space. Beyond reducing waste, there are many benefits of using inplants to transform your warehouse office. Here are just a few:

Benefits of Transforming Your Warehouse Office with Inplants

Huge Cost Savings: Inplant office systems are designed to be incredibly cost effective. This cost effectiveness can be seen both in the low price of using inplants to transform your warehouse office as well as in the resell value of inpants when you outgrow your space. Rather than spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars constructing rigid steel stud and drywall offices, full height movable walls are prefabricated and used to set up office space however you would like within a warehouse office. In addition to saving costs on materials, labor costs are also minimal because the installation process is extremely quick and efficient, taking only a few days. Additionally, having inplants gives you the ability to relocate and adapt the system as your business grows and needs change.

Extra Time Efficiency: The time it takes to deliver and install inplants is very quick, especially when compared to normal construction. No more getting stuck behind delay walls with contractors and subcontractors. Having inplants installed causes minimal disruption to the office while it is happening. Because the modular elements are so quick and easy to install, they can also easily be re-purposed to fit evolving needs as your company dynamic changes either due to growth, seasonality, or something else entirely. This gives an additional benefit of being able to renovate the workplace without needing to spend huge money and time to do so.

Extreme Environmental Friendliness: There are so many options with inplants when it comes to environmental care. Creating "living" walls from plant life is about as green as you can go, both improving the air quality for employees and earning points in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Even if the "living" walls aren't your thing, as mentioned at the beginning, modular inplants hugely reduce construction waste, in some cases by 90%! This offers huge environmental benefits and by making your business have higher sustainability and less of a carbon footprint. Additionally, the materials used in modular systems are reusable and recyclable. Energy efficient options are also available to help you reduce the cost on your heating and cooling bill each month.

Massive Flexibility for Design and Change: As we hinted at earlier, the modular wall panels are extremely easy to move around to create new office space as it becomes necessary for your warehouse office. Additionally, the modular wall face panels are designed to easily accommodate new technology or to be modified to enhance a specific aesthetic look for the interior space. This is a bit of a plug and play system, and there are so many options for what you can do it almost feels limitless. While traditional construction can be renovated as well, it generally causes big disruptions to the workplace, costs a lot of money, and takes significant time. Modifying modular walls is quick, easy, and doesn't disrupt the rest of the office space.

Added Productivity and Business Innovation: This all leads us to our final point: installing modular inplants can enhance your culture of productivity and business innovation. These panels are designed to help you have the flexibility to grow and change as work dynamics shift. Need to expand space for the upcoming Christmas season? No problem. Growing like crazy and need to add office space for a few more employees? Easy as pie. When office spaces are driven by technology and adaptability, it translates into increased productivity for employees.

Give us a call to consult and tell us a bit more about what you are looking to accomplish. Now is the time to take your business modular.