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Why You Should Choose Modular Construction for Warehouse Partitioning

Robert Farrow | Mar 12, 2020

Modular construction is a widely used building method. The two primary kinds of modular construction are permanent and relocatable. If you need to create separate spaces within a large warehouse for different purposes or for different tenants, consider modular warehouse partitioning systems. The Advantages of Modular Construction Modular building…

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Why Modular Construction is Growing in Popularity

Robert Farrow | Mar 02, 2020

The world of construction is always changing, and more builders are using modular construction for a wide array of projects. Every year, new approaches to building are developed, new materials are utilized, and new business practices are being adopted. About 76% of architects, 84% of contractors, and 90% of…

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Why Are So Many Companies Favoring Modular Construction?

Robert Farrow | Feb 04, 2020

There is an unfortunately negative preconception regarding pre-made construction materials. People have the idea that all builds should be constructed from the ground up, without any level of prefabrication. Even worse, some people believe that prefabricated warehouse office spaces, for example, are made from cheaper materials or that they…

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The Five Benefits of Modular Construction in Warehouses

Robert Farrow | Dec 19, 2019

Many warehouses could benefit from the installation of an in-plant modular office. Without a designated, climate-controlled space, managers and personnel can have a difficult time completing the tasks that need to be done. This is especially true if managers are housed in an off-site building, hindering communication and potentially…

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The Cost Benefits of Using Prefabricated Office Buildings

Robert Farrow | Dec 09, 2019

In any business premises, the role of an office cannot be underestimated. It is the central area where all the activities of the company are managed. With a suitable office, it will be very difficult to direct, delegate, and organize the activities of the company in order. It is…

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