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The Five Benefits of Modular Construction in Warehouses

Robert Farrow | Dec 19, 2019

Many warehouses could benefit from the installation of an in-plant modular office. Without a designated, climate-controlled space, managers and personnel can have a difficult time completing the tasks that need to be done. This is especially true if managers are housed in an off-site building, hindering communication and potentially…

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Inplant offices

The Amazing Range of Inplant Offices And Modular Buildings

Robert Farrow | Oct 01, 2019

Modular inplant offices are more popular than ever because they are providing cost-effective solutions that are hard to get any other way. Building professionals, including 84% of contractors, 90% of engineering professionals, and 76% of architectural experts, are now utilizing prefab construction techniques like these in their building processes…

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Modular Construction Gains Popularity In Commercial Setting

Robert Farrow | Aug 02, 2019

As businesses continue growing and expanding their operations across the United States, many have taken to using modular construction as a means of quickly and efficiently building their new locations. This unique form of construction and architectural design has been increasingly popular in a few areas specifically, including warehouse…

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Why Choose Modular Construction For Warehouse Offices?

Robert Farrow | Jul 31, 2019

The warehousing industry seems to be growing each and every day, with more retail jobs shifting into warehouse jobs. As warehousing becomes a larger part of the economy and job market, most warehouses are going to need to grow and expand to accommodate, including when it comes to their…

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Could Prefab Construction Save Your Company Money?

Robert Farrow | May 20, 2019

Running a business is incredibly expensive, especially if you end up having to relocate or start up a new location. Depending on the demands of your business, you may even need to construct your own, specially designed office spaces, rather than moving into an existing location. The cost of…

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