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Prefabricated office

Can Prefabricated Offices Help You Save Energy?

Robert Farrow | Jan 12, 2019

When people think of prefabricated construction, they tend to think of buildings that are quickly thrown together and lower-quality materials. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Prefabricated construction, specifically prefabricated offices, can be high-quality building options that help save you energy both during construction and over time…

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In plant modular offices

Adding In-Plant Offices? Why You Should Use Modular Construction

Robert Farrow | Nov 12, 2018

Warehouse operations can often be busy, overwhelming, and a bit chaotic. With the business of daily operations and often loud and distracting machinery, it might seem like the best option to have your offices located separately, perhaps even in an entirely different building from your warehouse operations. However, this…

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Inplant office 1

3 Things You Need To Know About Modular Cleanrooms

Robert Farrow | Oct 09, 2018

Modular construction has been on the rise in recent years. Going modular is a great way to reduce building costs and energy consumption. Whether you're creating inplant offices, building cubicles, or utilizing clean room partitioning systems, modular building methods are faster while still maintaining quality. In fact, a modular…

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Modular office

Why Modular Offices Are Greener Than You Think

Robert Farrow | Oct 04, 2018

When people think about environmentalism and going green, very few people think of the office as the first place to make a change. However, offices can be an excellent place for going green, starting at the very beginning with their construction. Modular office spaces can be one of the…

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