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Working In a Noisy Environment Is Detrimental, and In Plant Offices Can Help

Robert Farrow | Sep 13, 2018

There's no doubt that working in a noisy environment is annoying. While the noise is bad enough, working in a noisy environment actually very negatively effects employees. Noise causes stress Loud noises and prolonged exposure to certain noises trigger a physiological stress response in our bodies. In a noisy…

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The 4 Major Benefits of Modular Builds Over Traditional Builds for Offices

Robert Farrow | Apr 12, 2018

First of all, what are modular offices? Modular construction, also known as prefabricated construction, is the process of making all the same materials and meeting all the same building standards set forth by the International Building Codes (IBC) as conventionally built structures. Up to 40% of contractors surveyed by…

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