Construction is all about the effective and efficient production of buildings. Regardless of architectural complexity, there are deadlines to meet and schedules to follow. In accordance with the client’s priorities, a construction company will use various tactics to get the work done on time. Here are the differences between modular and traditional construction.

What Is Modular Construction?

Modular construction is all about using the power of premade sections or modules. Construction specialists design and build these units in house, away from the construction site. They then ship them by section to the site for installation. This means that the actual time on site is exponentially shorter than other construction methods.

What Is Traditional Construction?

The traditional construction sequence involves a step-by-step process on site, earning it the name stick-built construction. Building from the ground up enables contractors to manage every stage of the project at once, creating a cohesive building for the client. This conventional construction method is linear, meaning the next step can’t begin until completing the one before.

What Are the Main Differences?

It all boils down to construction sequence and production location. Modular construction is all about site efficiency, utilizing prefabricated sections for a smoother installation. Conversely, traditional construction takes each section bit-by-bit on site. This means that modular construction projects finish in nearly half the time of traditional ones. It’s mind-boggling how much time and money you save when you can work on site and in a factory simultaneously without the threat of inclement weather.

Knowing the differences between modular and traditional construction can help you choose a construction contractor. If you need modular office systems for your office, plant, or facility, then reach out to our team at National Partitions. We offer a wide array of designs to select for the optimal office space. Using the modular sequence, we can install your new office in no time.