Modular offices are durable and reliable. However, some companies may hesitate to purchase one because they’re unsure if they need permits or licenses. If you have ever wondered if you need any permits to build modular offices, read our guide for the answer.

The Answer: No

Modular offices do not need permits because the structures aren’t permanent. In many cases, companies classify modular offices as equipment for the workplace. Given this classification, it falls under different rules, allowing people to get around permitting. However, rules may differ by state as companies can’t plop modular offices in any public space. Fortunately, structures like in-plant modular buildings can go inside warehouses, company grounds, or construction sites.

Benefits of Modular Offices

Modular offices are growing in popularity all over the world. Building owners and facility managers looking for durable and reliable office space should consider this innovative structure. Check out these benefits of modular offices:

Top Industries That Use Modular Offices

Several top-ranking industries use modular offices to complete tasks, protect equipment, or perform experiments in a controlled environment. The top industries that use modular offices include pharmaceutical, automotive, biotechnical, and administrative. However, the modular office continues to become prevalent in many other work areas!

After reading our guide to understand if you need any permits to build modular offices, we hope you consider this innovative space solution. If you’re interested in purchasing a modular office, you should contact National Partitions. We can create a space that’s crafted with high-quality material and fits your needs! If you have any questions, please call us today.