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Plants thrive in curated environments, so it’s important to give them suitable space. When planning your growing operation, you may have to choose between a grow room or tent. Before deciding, understand the difference between grow rooms and grow tents with this guide!

What Is a Grow Room?

A grow room is an indoor room to grow plants in a controlled environment. Typically, people use grow rooms for cannabis, but these rooms can be beneficial to a variety of plants.

In particular, modular grow rooms offer humidity, temperature, and light control through the HVAC and computerized systems. The spaces are ideal for large growing operations, as they can house many plants.

What Is a Grow Tent?

A grow tent is a portable but enclosed space to grow plants. Grow tents are easy to set up and are typically cotton or polyester canvases in the shape of a shell. Growers can attach ventilation systems to circulate fresh air inside the tent.

Place grow tents inside rooms or outdoor areas. Grow tents are suitable for growing all kinds of plants, including cannabis, and can vary in size to accommodate a wide range of growing operations. However, grow tents are ideal for small to medium-sized operations.

The Main Differences

The main differences between grow rooms and grow tents are size and portability. Grow rooms are entire rooms dedicated to plant growth. They hold a lot of plants, and their fixed location makes them ideal for long-term growing operations. On the other hand, grow tents are usually smaller and more portable. Growers can set up and dismantle tents anywhere, making them better for short-term operations.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both spaces are effective for nurturing plants. However, you should choose grow rooms for larger, long-term operations and stick to grow tents for smaller, temporary uses.

If you’re interested in a modular grow room, let National Partitions manufacture your perfect enclosure. Start your journey by contacting us today!

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