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While modular construction only represents a small part of the construction industry, it does represent a big leap in environmental sustainability. With excellent opportunities to use eco-friendly elements, people can benefit from these structures. To learn more about this, read these ways modular construction benefits the environment.

Reduces Emissions

A significant portion of carbon emissions come from the construction industry. Labor transportation, machine operation, and certain material contribute to this usage. However, modular production greatly reduces emissions because workers don’t use inefficient materials or operate machinery for an extended period. It’s faster to construct modular buildings; this reduces trips to jobsites, and workers release fewer carbon emissions from daily transportation.

Decreases Energy Consumption

A decrease in energy consumption is another way how modular construction benefits the environment. Workers build the structures in a factory setting and use less energy. During traditional construction, high energy consumption results from operating machines and other on-site energy expenditures. When someone seeks a modular structure, assembly is faster.

Incorporates Recycled Materials

Did you know that modular office systems use recycled and eco-friendly materials? In many cases, repurposed materials such as aluminum, wood, and steel can form different structural components. Every year, the construction industry seeks ways to become more sustainable, and creating modular buildings is the answer! Incorporating recycled material in assembly is great for the environment because it reduces the amount of waste in landfills and allows people to get the most out of resources.

Long Lifespan and Versatile

Modular buildings are resilient and extremely versatile. When the structure no longer serves a purpose on a jobsite, workers can disassemble it and use it in other locations (or repurpose it for something else). However, many people enjoy their structures because they’re useful in various ways. For example, an in-plant structure can serve as personal office space in a manufacturing plant or become a break room! There are so many possibilities and applications.

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