The goal of a cleanroom is to remain sanitary and contaminant-free, and this enables a stable work environment. However, a big reason that contaminants enter the space is that employees bring them into the room unknowingly. Fortunately, some simple steps can prevent germs from entering. Keep reading to learn How to keep contaminants out of your prefab cleanroom.

Practice Good Hygiene

Did you know that an estimated 75 to 85 percent of contaminants in cleanrooms come from employees and personnel? Minor things like skin flakes, strands of hair, and cosmetic products can cause contamination. Given this fact, employees must practice good hygiene and make sure they’re ready to enter the room. It’s also important for employers to enforce a uniform that complies with hygiene recommendations.

Properly Wear Protective Gear

Properly wearing protective gear is another way to keep contaminants out of your prefab cleanroom. Possible contaminants can fall with the pull of gravity, so it’s necessary to wear full-body protective apparel. Starting at the top of your body and working your way down, you can prevent contaminants from falling on clean areas of your protective garments.

Designate Cleanroom-Only Supplies

Seemingly harmless acts, such as taking a pencil outside the cleanroom and bringing it back in, can impact the room itself. You can bring in an array of contaminants by moving material inside and outside the controlled environment. And for these reasons, it’s best to designate cleanroom-only supplies inside your prefab cleanroom. Specify supplies, tools, and instruments that no one should take out of the room. These items should also comply with your cleanliness standards.

Carefully Enter and Exit the Room

The entry and exit are essential components of any controlled environment, and you must diligently monitor this aspect of the cleanroom. After employees enter or exit the room, make sure the doors are tightly shut and secure. Doing so will prevent outside air particles from entering the room and contaminating items. Make it a routine practice for everyone to monitor the doorways and ensure they’re always secure.

At National Partitions, we believe maintaining your cleanroom is just as important as selecting the right one. Always follow the best sanitary practices to keep your room ready for work. If you’re interested in purchasing a prefab cleanroom, don’t hesitate to contact us today!