Many strategies exist to help your indoor plants flourish. You may come across hydroponic or aeroponic systems when researching indoor growing methods. These two methods are great solutions to reap a successful harvest. These systems ensure your plants get enough nutrients and the perfect amount of water, reducing the chances of over or underwatering your crops.

Although they’re great systems, what’s the difference between the two? Keep reading to learn the difference between hydroponic and aeroponic systems to know which is best for your facility.

What Is an Aeroponic System?

Aeroponics refers to growing plants using air instead of growing plants in soil. While that doesn’t mean that these plants are floating, it’s a unique structure that provides nutrients to the plant using a misting system. Plants have their roots exposed to the air when using aeroponic techniques, allowing them to get every ounce of the nutrient mist.

What Is a Hydroponic System?

Hydroponic systems are another soil-less ecosystem that feeds nutrients to plants through a water and solution mix. This solution allows facilities to grow their plants in trays, towers, tubs, and other pods supporting an indoor, environmentally-controlled space. The system floods the pod periodically with water, allowing the roots to get enough nutrients. This process reduces the risk of overwatering and provides your plants with the perfect amount of nutrients to help them flourish.

What Is the Difference?

Both systems are great ways to optimize your indoor grow facility. Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems use nutrient solutions to help feed the plants, stimulating root growth. However, the difference between the two is as follows: Hydroponics uses water and a nutrient-dense solution to feed plant roots, while Aeroponics exposes plant roots to the air and mists a nutrient-dense solution onto them.

Now that you know the differences between hydroponic and aeroponic systems, you can choose the best method for your facility. Planning the layout of your environment enclosure is important to have a successful harvest. You can also decide on your lighting and other necessary furnishings to help your plants grow. You’re in luck if you’re searching for a modular grow room. National Partition offers high-quality enclosures that are easy to install and flexible to your needs. Contact us today for more information.