In plant modular office

In-plant modular offices are cost-effective, quick to install, and can last for many decades when properly installed. Through modular construction, companies and organizations can put up offices fast in places with limited space. The versatility, mobility, and durability of in-plant modular offices make them useful even beyond the warehouse and factory setting.

Here are more industries that can utilize modular buildings to boost their operations.

1. Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

The manufacturing process of medical devices and pharmaceutical products may require a controlled environment with strict temperature requirements and specific air particulate count. For this purpose, manufacturers rely on modular cleanrooms that provide a strict clean environment for the manufacturing process. These modular cleanrooms are made from prefabricated office walls, floors, and roofing made from high-quality materials. The clean walls may be made from 24 gauge galvanized steel finished with baked-on acrylic enamel paint.

The cleanroom walls may also be made from FRP sheets laminated to an insulated core to form a durable and washable wall surface. The high quality of materials used in constructing these modular cleanrooms makes them FDA and USDA compliant. Thanks to modular construction, companies in the pharmaceutical industry can install modular cleanrooms in their facilities at a more affordable cost, without violating FDA or USDA compliances. Like in-plant modular offices, these cleanrooms can be relocated, redesigned, or expanded to suit a company's changing needs.

2. Companies Utilize Modular Construction To Make Guard Booths

Regardless of your industry, security is a top priority. The traditional brick and mortar guard booths may not be efficient, especially when you need them for a short period. This is common with construction companies working on extensive projects such as road construction, where they have to move their offices and guard booths from one site to another. In such a case, it pays to have modular offices and portable guard booths. It is a lot of work to build and demolish guard booths every time you change a site. It's much easier to install and relocate a prefabricated guard booth as you move from one site to another.

Modular guard booths are also perfect for companies who need a permanent on-site guard booth. These guard booths will protect your security personnel and their equipment from the elements and harsh weather conditions. The walls of the prefabricated guard booth are made from 3" thick 24 gauge galvanized steel. The walls are then finished using baked-on acrylic enamel paint. This not only protects the booth from rust but also boosts the overall aesthetics of the guard booth. Besides installing modular warehouse offices in their factories, many companies are also utilizing portable guard shacks to house their security personnel.

3. Finishing Companies and Automotive Manufacturers

Carmakers and surface finishers utilize prefab powder coat environmental rooms for their coating processes. Powder coat rooms are vital in the finishing process because they allow finishers to control the temperature, humidity, and air control and achieve a perfect surface finish. Installers of in-plant modular offices can also design a powder coat room with all the required features such as HVAC, filtration, and computerized controls and arms. Modular construction allows for the customization of powder coat rooms to fit a manufacturer's exact specifications. You may choose to have roll-up doors, LED lighting, and specialized glass options. For automotive industries, prefabricated powder coat rooms allow them to handle coating jobs of varying sizes. Just like modular in-plant offices can be remodeled to accommodate new changes, finishers can also redesign their prefab powder coat rooms as their needs change.

There are many more industries that utilize modular construction in their everyday operation. In-plant modular offices are not only limited to warehouse and factory use. More industries such as construction, pharmaceuticals, and finishing companies also benefit from modular office buildings. When you need to create office space in your company, you'll find solutions through modular construction regardless of your industry. Besides reducing the installation time significantly, going modular also reduces construction costs by 9% to 20%. This is according to a report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia.