Modular offices

While many people have heard of modular construction, not everyone fully understands it and how it can be used. Most people tend to think of modular construction in terms of residential buildings and houses; however, the same techniques can be used to build modular offices. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about modular offices and office construction.

What makes modular construction different?

Modular construction varies from traditional construction techniques in that the components used in modular construction are prefabricated. Pieces of the structure are made off-site and partially assembled, then delivered to the construction site for final assembly. This can reduce construction time and waste, while also cutting down on the cost of construction.

Is modular construction sturdy?

Prefabricated offices and buildings are just as sturdy as traditional structures. Despite being built differently, the two buildings end up virtually indistinguishable in terms of durability. While many modular buildings are designed to be relocatable, they can also be designed as permanent structures for added stability.

Is modular construction efficient?

Modular offices are incredibly energy efficient compared to traditional offices, and can even cut down on construction waste during their building process. Modular construction can reduce waste materials (like cement, bricks, timber, concrete, wood pallets, shrink wrap, cardboard, and plasterboard) by up to 90%, making your office even more environmentally friendly. This is because the pieces are designed to fit perfectly, meaning less waste from trimming pieces to fit.

Why use modular construction for an office building?

Modular office buildings have a variety of advantages over traditional construction, from a reduced build time to increased energy efficiency. Because the pieces are partially assembled off site, modular construction takes less time from start to finish. Additionally, these construction techniques reduce waste, but can also decrease your energy bill later on. The exact benefits will depend on the specifics of your building, but these unique offices can be a great option for those needing a quick build time and efficient space.

Modular office buildings can be a great choice for your next office building construction or warehouse office space. For more information on modular office buildings and prefabricated construction, contact National Partitions today.