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Inplant office

Working In a Noisy Environment Is Detrimental, and In Plant Offices Can Help

Robert Farrow | Sep 13, 2018

There's no doubt that working in a noisy environment is annoying. While the noise is bad enough, working in a noisy environment actually very negatively effects employees. Noise causes stress Loud noises and prolonged exposure to certain noises trigger a physiological stress response in our bodies. In a noisy…

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Modular in plant offices

5 Common Applications for Modular In-Plant Offices

Robert Farrow | Aug 22, 2018

Modular in-plant offices are extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used for so many different applications, and here are just a few of them. Break rooms Modular in-plant offices can be used for breakrooms in…

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Warehouse office

4 Myths About Modular Construction You Shouldn't Believe

Robert Farrow | Aug 15, 2018

Modular construction has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the last several years. Despite this truth, there are still many misconceptions out there about this innovative type of construction. If you're looking for a modularly constructed warehouse office, then you shouldn't believe these common myths. Modular warehouse…

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