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Three Reasons Why Modular Offices Are Exactly What You're Looking For

Robert Farrow | Jun 28, 2019

Need a controlled space for labs, packing rooms, paint booths, or more? Perhaps you’re looking for an administrative space that remains separate from operations? Do you have a business that’s quickly expanding? A modular office may be just what you’re looking for. With a variety of choices to fit…

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3 Industries That Should Utilize Modular Office Buildings

Robert Farrow | Jun 24, 2019

Modular office buildings can be built quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for businesses looking for fast solutions for added space. In fact, because about 60% to 90% of all prefabricated construction takes place in a factory or warehouse, modular offices can usually be made in bulk. And because…

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Considering An In-Plant Modular Office? Six Pros

Robert Farrow | Jun 21, 2019

An in-plant modular office system provides an alternative to a traditional office environment. Also, having a modular office actually gives your business a custom design. The advantage of this is that the in-plant modular office is created expressly to completely accommodate the particular needs of your business. Here are…

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Could Prefab Construction Save Your Company Money?

Robert Farrow | May 20, 2019

Running a business is incredibly expensive, especially if you end up having to relocate or start up a new location. Depending on the demands of your business, you may even need to construct your own, specially designed office spaces, rather than moving into an existing location. The cost of…

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Modular Office FAQ: What You Need To Know About Prefabricated Offices

Robert Farrow | May 09, 2019

While many people have heard of modular construction, not everyone fully understands it and how it can be used. Most people tend to think of modular construction in terms of residential buildings and houses; however, the same techniques can be used to build modular offices. Here are some of…

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