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Do You Need Any Permits To Build Modular Offices?

Robert Farrow | Apr 15, 2022

Modular offices are durable and reliable. However, some companies may hesitate to purchase one because they’re unsure if they need permits or licenses. If you have ever wondered if you need any permits to build modular offices, read our guide for the answer. The Answer: No Modular offices do…

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5 Benefits of a Two-Story Modular In-Plant Office

Robert Farrow | Apr 08, 2022

Warehouses are home to a variety of industries and work setups, but big and open spaces can get overwhelming. Utilizing smaller spaces designed and assigned for specific activities will increase productivity. It gives the personnel a quiet and safe space to work inside the central area. Maximizing the site…

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4 Things That Every Cannabis Extraction Room Needs

Robert Farrow | Feb 21, 2022

Cannabis extraction is a detailed process that requires specific tools and equipment. Therefore, it’s essential to have everything you need to successfully complete the extraction process. If you’re curious about the elements that extraction rooms require, check out these four things that every cannabis extraction room needs. Code-Compliant Extraction…

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5 Creative Uses for Partition Walls in a Warehouse

Robert Farrow | Feb 07, 2022

Warehouses serve various functions, and they must adjust to different tasks. At times, it’s best to designate areas to perform these tasks, but some facilities don’t have the time or resources to construct separate buildings. Fortunately, partition walls can help because you can easily separate warehouse spaces and create…

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