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3 Factors Driving the Popularity of Modular Buildings

Robert Farrow | Dec 08, 2021

Construction is an ever-evolving enterprise with new techniques and technologies emerging every year. Chief among these innovations is the rise of modular building practices. Explore these three factors driving the popularity of modular buildings. Drastically Improved Efficiency Late and over-budget—sadly, these words describe far too many construction projects, but…

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3 Tips for Creating Ideal Conditions in Your Grow Room

Robert Farrow | Nov 19, 2021

Agricultural practices are transitioning from the great outdoors to indoor facilities. With the advent of modern technologies and agricultural practices, indoor growing is successful as well as accessible. If you want to implement an indoor growing operation, you should think about the design and structure of your growing space…

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Explaining STC: What Are Sound Transmission Classifications?

Robert Farrow | Nov 11, 2021

Soundproofing is a common technique to minimize sound reverberations through walls in homes, apartments complexes, business offices, and industrial facilities alike. Though few places eliminate soundwaves completely, it’s the effort to minimize excess noises and muffle sound that makes a room soundproof. Architects must design buildings with soundproofing incorporated…

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4 Key Benefits of Installing a Modular Clean Room

Robert Farrow | Nov 02, 2021

When constructing a clean room, you need the utmost attention to care and safety to maintain the highest standards for sanitation and organization. That’s why you should consider a modular construction approach instead of traditional building techniques. Explore these four key benefits of installing a modular cleanroom. Cost-Effectiveness Construction…

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The Future of Farming: 3 Recent Advances in Indoor Farming

Robert Farrow | Oct 12, 2021

Agriculturalists have plowed the soil for millennia, tilling and toiling to yield life-preserving crops. Though this is clearly a tried-and-true method for food production, there are newer and better ways accessible to modern growers, like indoor farming. Learn more about these three recent advances for the future of indoor…

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