First of all, what are modular offices? Modular construction, also known as prefabricated construction, is the process of making all the same materials and meeting all the same building standards set forth by the International Building Codes (IBC) as conventionally built structures. Up to 40% of contractors surveyed by FMI's Prefab and Modular Construction said that prefab and modular construction is a growing part of their companies as well as a part of their future strategic construction initiatives.

Modular office buildings are made by way of modular construction. They make use of prefabricated office walls and other built to last structures, and they are constructed up to 50% faster than with traditional construction. Here are some other attractive benefits of modular builds that will make traditionally built offices seem unappealing.


Modular offices can be designed in almost any shape and size, and the aesthetics are made to match the surrounding structures. This way, even your new two-story modular office will blend in with the existing architecture and won't look out of place.


Prefabricated construction can deliver office buildings that are incredibly environmentally-friendly and meet the highest standards of green construction. They are factory controlled so materials and procedures are used properly with little waste. They also reduce energy consumption compared to traditional construction. There is also a much shorter installation time, meaning minimal site disruption. Lastly, they are more sustainable due to strategic reuse and re-purposing of modular office buildings.


With the latest manufacturing technologies, high-quality temporary and permanent structures can be built from wood, steel, or concrete. The factory has very tight controls on the processes, so they can ensure every component and finished structure meet their exact specifications.


Modular office buildings are very easily configured, and they are also easily re-configured to meet their changing needs. You can add, remove, or change a prefabricated module relatively inexpensively. This means you can adjust the floor plans to support the evolution of your business.

Modular office buildings can save you time and money when you are putting together an office. Because they come together much faster than traditional construction, you can start focusing on your business much sooner.