A modular coordinate measuring machine (CMM) enclosure can help you keep your machines clean in a controlled area. You can create a perfect environment for sensitive equipment and processes, such as lasers, coordinate measuring systems, or indoor cultivation spaces. These rooms can also increase the efficiency of your workflow.

Did you know that is more than one type of modular clean room? Keep reading to discover the different types of modular CMM rooms and how clean rooms work.

What Are CMM Rooms?

Your environment must be sterile and secure when working with hazardous materials or performing sensitive procedures. CMM rooms are environmentally controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature and humidity while filtering particles from the air. Cleanrooms are ideal for any industry requiring cleanliness or protection. They are versatile and easy to construct and customize. Modular cleanrooms can hold medical devices, lasers, biotech equipment, and so much more.

Safe Cleanroom Procedures

Since CMM rooms are specialized environments, you must follow the best practices of your industry. All personnel must wear appropriate clothing and PPE in the room. The room’s lighting and air system should also be within your industry’s guidelines. When building your modular cleanroom, select materials that don’t need frequent replacements, cleaning, or maintenance.

The Different Types of CMM Rooms

Three common CMM rooms are modular, soft wall, and portable cleanrooms. They are all cost-effective options for your building. Prefab cleanrooms, or modular CMM rooms, use prefabricated wall systems that speed up construction and allow for modifications, making them some of the most popular choices. However, if you’re low on space or don’t require a large clean room, you can add a portable room to your facility. This compact system provides flexibility, mobility, and the same cleanliness as larger spaces.

Soft wall cleanrooms have clear panels and metal frames. These enclosures are climate and atmosphere-controlled. These rooms are easy to modify due to their lightweight materials.

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