Prefabricated office 1

Whether you are an Architect designing a new building, a prospective homeowner looking to build a house, or a business owner considering building a prefabricated office space, modular construction could be the best option for you. In case you didn't know, modular construction involves the use of prefabricated partitions built in a warehouse or factory connected together on site. Below is a list of reasons why modular construction could be for you.

Speed of Construction

During a typical construction project, the site is surveyed, all the materials are brought to the site, and the entire project is built there. This can take weeks or even months. When using modular construction, much of the construction is taking place elsewhere. When adding on to a home or office building, a typical construction project will interfere with the typical functions of the home or workplace. 60% to 90% of fabrication during modular construction takes place in the factory, on-site construction will be minimal and much faster. Your modular office will be ready to go in a matter of days.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional construction methods have been found to be fairly inefficient, as steps have to be done consecutively. During the building of prefabricated offices and other modular construction, prefabricated office walls are simply put together on site. This method is simply more efficient, as it reduces energy consumption while building by 67%, and reduces energy costs throughout the life of the building. This efficiency, combined with the above construction speed, has caught the attention of many major companies. Joining these companies will be a big step in bringing your company into the future. Marriott International pledged to use modular construction on 13% of their new facilities in 2017. Other hotels are also using the method more and more. Workers and designers themselves recommend it as well. About 9/10 of engineers, 84% of contractors, and 76% of architects use prefabricated or modular construction sometimes.

When one thinks of a construction project, they picture a huge construction site, full of equipment, and extremely invasive. Roads and surrounding businesses are affected. Modular construction shucks that old fashioned picture, doing in weeks what would have normally taken months. If your company is looking at adding on or building a new location, you should consider using modular construction. Consider contacting a company that will prefabricate parts specifically for your building, such as National Partitions. Many customers recommend them as one of the best companies out there for modular construction parts for prefabricated offices.