If you own or manage a cultivation grow space, you understand the many precautions to ensure that dust particles, pests, mold, or mildew don’t contaminate your enclosure. These impurities can cause infestation or significant damage to your plants. Keeping your grow room organized and sanitized will reduce the chances of losing most of your harvest.

Cannabis indoor grow rooms give you complete control over your growing enclosure. You can adjust the environment to the appropriate climate, lighting, and humidity needed to see your plants thrive. A clean indoor setting can protect your plants from contamination, keep your space organized, and minimize the chance of disease in your cannabis plants. Keep reading to unveil the importance of cleanliness in your cannabis grow room.

Why Is It So Important To Keep Your Grow Room Clean?

The more organized and clean your grow room is, the less risk you have within your environment. You won’t have to face pathogens, pests, mold, and mildew. Increasing cleanliness will reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and fungal spores.

Carelessly tending to your grow room can put your plants and employees in harm’s way. Unclean cannabis cultivation can create hazards like waterborne pathogens and bacteria growth. This could affect the consumer’s health, the cannabis potency, and the overall quality of your plants.

Clean Before You Grow

Starting with a clean and organized room will set you up for success and help you implement good cleaning habits. Creating a clean environment before you begin growing will reduce the chances of pathogen issues. This will also ensure your building is within your state’s laws and regulations. While these laws vary by state and county, there are federal legal requirements to ensure that your cultivation is safe and free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other containments.

Sterilization vs. Sanitation

Cannabis plants thrive in warmer temperatures, but so do mold, mildew, and fungi. That’s why cleaning your cannabis grow room is important. Grow room sanitation is crucial in your daily routine because it prevents infestations and reduces the risk of contamination. It takes more than cleaning debris and dirt from your plants to sanitize your space. It involves switching off all devices except the exhaust fan and clearing the grow space. You should broom, dust, and clean the surfaces after removing your plants, pots, and other supporting materials. You can also use an insect bomb to get rid of pests and a bleach solution to wipe down your grow enclosure’s walls, floor, and ceiling. Also, cleaning your grow room between each grow cycle to start your next harvest on a good note is important.

On the other hand, if your enclosure has recently sustained an infestation, you should consider sterilizing the room before growing anything else. This step isn’t always necessary, but when it is, you must act on it quickly. This timely and detailed-orientated process will eliminate mold, mildew, and pests and keep the rest of your plants safe. Common methods that growers use include filtration devices, vaporized disinfectants, and chemical solutions.

The Best Grow Room Cleaning Practices

Keeping your prefab grow room clean is crucial to the quality of your cannabis plants. You could risk your profits and employees’ and consumers’ health and safety if you let sanitization go on the back burner. Putting your best foot forward and practicing proper cleaning habits is imperative. This way, you can have a more efficient growth operation and stay within your state and county guidelines. Below are a few ways to ensure your grow room stays organized, clean, and safe.

Prioritize Staff Training and Education

Without your staff, it would be difficult to handle every responsibility that comes with tending to cannabis plants. Therefore, training and educating your team on cleaning a cannabis grow room is essential.

You can reduce the risk of mishaps and contamination by stressing the urgency of keeping your enclosures clean. Placing reminders of the facility’s safety and health procedures can keep the space in the best shape and set your business up for success. You should train your staff on the following:

Take Preventative Measures

You control the environment your plants are growing in. Without proper direction and prevention, you could set back your harvest. Being proactive and taking preventative measures to ensure your environmental enclosure is clean is another way to keep your growing room in good condition. Implementing a regular cleaning schedule and establishing stricter protocols will improve hygienic practices and prevent pests and contamination. Cleaning the equipment and trays, checking the air filters, and sterilizing your water system will keep your plants healthy and your grow enclosure in pristine condition.

Maintain a Clean Grow Room

After taking preventative measures, you must find ways to maintain those efforts. Proper sanitation and sterilization don’t end after cleaning once or twice. A healthy and productive environmental enclosure requires effort and time. You can protect your plants and equipment from dust, mold, and mildew by keeping a clean growing room.

Remember to tell your employees to wash their hands and supplies before and after entering their enclosure. After all, oils, dirt, germs, and other particles from your hands could impact cannabis plants. You should also prune your plants, remove debris, and clean spills daily.

Use HEPA Filters

Every small detail makes up the big idea—the same goes for environmentally controlled enclosures. The smallest things can influence the harvesting of your cannabis plants, including your air filters. Using HEPA filters in your enclosure is one of the most important things to do when cleaning or setting up your grow room. HEPA filters remove airborne particles, from dust to pet dander to smoke, and have 99 percent efficiency. These filters can create superior air quality for your indoor space.

Managing a cannabis grow room is exciting, but it takes a lot of hard work. Ensuring that your enclosure is safe and clean from contaminants will save you from making expensive mistakes. If you’re searching for a sterilized indoor grow room for your facility, check us out at National Partition. We have the highest-quality environmentally controlled enclosures to make your growth process smoother. Be sure to contact us for more information.

The Importance of Cleanliness in Your Cannabis Grow Room