Modular office 4

Need a controlled space for labs, packing rooms, paint booths, or more? Perhaps you’re looking for an administrative space that remains separate from operations? Do you have a business that’s quickly expanding? A modular office may be just what you’re looking for. With a variety of choices to fit your construction needs, modular construction offers clean room partitions, for your controlled spaces, in-plant offices, for cost-effective additions that will create the safe, climate-controlled work space you’re looking for, or modular office buildings for larger-scale projects.

Built for long-term use with limitless design options, modular offices are constructed in a factory setting and can have a multitude of rooms that fit together perfectly.

Cost effectiveness is everything

Construction can get very expensive very quickly. A modular office is a great way to keep costs down and stay on budget. Costs are kept low because modular offices are built in a factory setting, where a close eye is kept on inventory and building materials are used carefully. Plus, modular constructions reduce energy consumption during the building process by around 67% and reduces energy costs later on for occupants.

Find your modular office building needing an update down the line? Not a problem. These prefabricated office spaces are easy to update as required. In fact, you can add to them, redesign them, or move them around however your business would like to in order to meet whatever new demands your company has.

Cut your construction timeline down

Because a modular office is built in a factory, their construction happens at the same time as site work, meaning that it takes about half the time as traditional construction. Never fear another delay due to the weather with modular office buildings. 60 - 90% of the modular is built inside. That greatly reduces the risk of inclement weather blowing your construction timeline into next week - or next month. The faster your office space is built, the faster you can get your employees inside and working, and the faster you see that return on investment.

Reliability, reliability, reliability

Does a modular office sound too good to be true? Are you worried that the speed and cost effectiveness of prefabricated offices means that the quality of the materials is lessened? You’ll feel reassured knowing that modular offices are constructed to meet or eclipse the same building codes that traditional construction conforms to. Additionally, modular offices use conventional materials such as wood, concrete, and steel. In fact, modular office buildings tend to be stronger than their site-built counterparts as each module is manufactured to stand independently as well as to tolerate being transported. The best part? Once it’s assembled, it’s incredibly difficult to differentiate them from site-built constructions.

With flexible construction options, cost-effective methods, quick construction turn-around timelines, and reliable building materials, a modular office may be the perfect choice for your business.