From cannabis to flowers, commercial indoor growth operations are popular. However, successful indoor grow rooms have a few key elements you should consider if you want to add one to your business. Read these tips for designing a commercial grow room and incorporate them as you see fit.

Create a Security-Compliant Room

All grow rooms must comply with their state’s security laws. Although laws vary, standard practices include 24/7 surveillance cameras, ID scanning systems, and alarm systems on doors and windows. You don’t want to risk the safety of your operation or give government officials a reason to shut down the facility. Contact your state’s agricultural department representative or visit their website to understand and comply with local laws.

Be Intentional With the Floor Layout

When designing a commercial grow room, be intentional with the floor layout. The room must account for your workflow throughout the facility. Allocate enough space for plants and employees to avoid overcrowding. You can also incorporate dividers, such as partition walls, to separate plants by species.

For cannabis growers, being intentional with the floor plan is critical for optimal growth. Many operations house different strains of cannabis, and without the right temperature or lighting, the plants are susceptible to diseases and fungi. When you divide each strain, you expose them to their correct environment.

Always Add a Ventilation System

Indoor grow rooms rely on artificial climate control to support the plants they house. That said, a ventilation system is a must-have component for prefab grow rooms. They offer air circulation to maintain proper moisture levels.

Many prefab structures come with computerized HVAC systems that allow growers to control the room’s environment. You risk crop loss, mold, mildew, and disease growth without a proper system. Simply put, don’t skip climate control. It’s always best to have a ventilation system.

Incorporate High-Quality Lighting

Along with a ventilation system, grow rooms rely on quality lighting for successful operations. Invest in the right bulbs (preferably LEDs or HPS) and incorporate them into your room’s design. When installing lights, please keep heat and intensity in mind.

For example, incandescent bulbs radiate heat, which can dry out plants. Furthermore, sitting plants too close to bulbs can also dry them out. Incorporate the right lights and ensure their installation is at a safe distance from your plants.

House the Right Supplies

Overhead drying nets, trimming tables, racking stations, and utility carts are necessities for grow rooms. As you design your commercial grow room, make sure there’s enough space to house supplies. Doing so maximizes your operation’s efficiency!

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