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Modular construction changed the way people think of prefabricated structures. But with the growing popularity of this office assembly, some misconceptions still persist within the business world. Therefore, it’s important to take the top three prefab office construction myths and bust them!

Myth 1: Modular Offices Are Temporary

Manufacturers construct modular structures in a controlled factory setting. All companies must adhere to permanent building standards while creating these structures. Therefore, modular offices comply with regulations and standards on federal and local levels. Although creating prefabricated structures is faster than traditional construction, they uphold value and consistency in the quality of materials. As a result, modular in-plant offices can be long-term solutions for various applications, whether they’re in business, health care, education, or another field.

Myth 2: Modular Offices Offer Limited Utility

With a prefabricated office, some people may think, “This room can only serve one purpose.” Or they may ask, “What can my company do with an in-plant box?” But the possibilities are endless. Depending on the industry, companies can use modular structures for different functions. Here are some popular examples of in-plant office uses:

Myth 3: Modular Offices Have Few Design Choices

One of the best things about modern modular construction is that manufacturers embrace efficiency and design flexibility. A prefab room is no longer “just a box.” It’s so much more, thanks to design models. For instance, the structures from National Partitions include everything from traditional modular offices to mid-rise and two-story prefabricated offices. The design choices allow people to select the structure that fits their needs.

After going over the top three prefab office construction myths, we hope our article busted the misconception about these structures. If you’re interested in prefab offices or modular structures, please contact National Partitions. We provide the best quality products for various modular applications. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-996-7266.

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