Modular office

Most people spend a good chunk of their week in their offices at their job, so it’s important that that office space is comfortable and accessible. However, for those professions where office space can change, such as construction, engineering, etc., a modular office could be a good way to have that temporary and comfortable office space.

A modular office is essentially a series of connected offices, usually in a warehouse or factory, thus creating specific office space where there otherwise wouldn’t be one. Modular office construction can be permanent or relocatable depending on their needs.

In the case of warehouse offices, they can tend to get noisy and distractive depending on the work going on, but a modular warehouse office provides noise-reducing qualities that can help keep employees focused on the work at hand.

Modular offices also provide many different uses: from administrative offices to meeting rooms, to computer labs, there are tons of options with what you can do with a modular office. It’s not just construction and warehouses that can benefit from a modular office either. In 2011 alone, 41% of modular offices were used as healthcare facilities while 42% were used in college buildings or dorms.

A typical modular office will include portable office walls, a roof, and a ceiling. Windows and doors can also be added to the space, as well as outlets and switches for electrical use.

Not only is modular office space practical and easy, but it also saves energy as well. Energy consumption can be reduced by as much as 67% with modular construction methods. They also can reduce energy costs in the long run.

If your next project could benefit from a modular office or warehouse office space, we can help. We have worked with business owners, architects, construction companies, plant managers, and more to create in-plant modular offices that fit into a project’s location.

We can customize your modular office to your liking, whether it be adding clean room partitions or prefabricated office walls. We provide delivery and installation for your modular office. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help with your modular office needs for your company or next project.