Whether you have a small or large plant operation, it’s important to support growth. After all, you don’t want to lose vegetation. Understand why grow rooms need temperature and humidity control with this quick guide!

Importance of Temperature and Humidity Control

It’s important to create the right environment for plants from the germination to the flowering stage. In general, plants need warm days and cool nights to grow and rest properly. Grow rooms allow you to control the plants’ environment to support development.

Plants constantly absorb nutrients, and their environment affects their growth. In particular, temperature and humidity affect water intake. That said, grow rooms need temperature and humidity control because they let you influence the plants’ nutrient intake.

Depending on the plant, you manipulate the environment to support the best growth.

Ideal Temperature and Humidity

All plant species are different and require unique environmental levels. Temperature and humidity levels depend on the plant’s growth stage. For example, humidity levels should be between 75 and 85 percent, with a temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit during the seedling stage.

As plants grow, it’s important to alter the levels to ensure that the environment isn’t too hot or cold. Monitoring a thermometer and checking soil helps you track plants. You can also install a fan inside the enclosure for air circulation.

What Happens When Levels Are Off

At times, a plant’s appearance indicates its health. When grow room levels aren’t correct, you may notice different things. When plants are too hot, leaves turn brown and yellow and begin to wilt. Also, blooms drop off.

When plants are too cold, leaves and stems droop. Furthermore, flowers have a “burned” appearance. The wrong humidity levels can lead to mold and mildew growth on leaves and stems.

In all cases, the wrong environment has adverse effects on plant growth.

How To Ensure the Right Environment

Temperature and humidity control are possible with environmental enclosures. Regulate the environment with computerized controls and alarms. Don’t risk your plants’ lives by selecting low-quality enclosures. Here at National Partitions, we offer enclosures with superior strength!

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