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The cannabis industry has grown in the last five years and has no plans of slowing down. Thousands of medical and recreational growth facilities are popping up, making more individuals interested. For those who want to grow cannabis commercially, you need a high-quality facility to maintain product profitability, durability, and safety.

For those interested in extracting oils out of cannabis, choosing a modular lab is ideal. They offer high-quality features, customizable options, and a fast construction process. To kickstart your journey, here’s why you should choose a modular cannabis extraction lab.

What Are Modular Cannabis Extraction Labs?

The most dangerous part of your cultivation process would occur in the extraction room. Growers use extraction rooms to extract oils for vape products, infused edible treats, or lotions. A separate room will allow your team members to extract these oils in a safe and controlled environment. Proper ventilation reduces the chances of a fire or hazardous vapor filling the room.

Benefits of Using a Modular Lab

Modular rooms provide a secure environment for you and your team to extract oils safely. This is an excellent solution for those in the cannabis industry. Below we will discuss three advantages of using modular cannabis extraction labs.

Labs Can Withstand Any Environment

Modular cannabis grows rooms offer a protected environment for your extractions. These can deliver the best quality and durability extraction location to your facility. This is because you can control the temperatures, ventilation, humidity, and other environmental conditions. Modular rooms are easy to maintain and can last you for years.

Reduces the Risk of Contamination

Another reason why you should use a modular cannabis extraction lab is to reduce the chance of contamination. When working in a cannabis facility, you must thoroughly control the environment to prevent mold and fungal growth. This mold growth can cause illness, and modular rooms prevent that from manifesting. Modular rooms also help make the extraction process more manageable due to the customization options and features you can add to the building.

Creates a Better Working Environment

Employees who work in these extraction facilities face various hazards, including electrical explosions or inhaling harmful fumes. The exposure to mold, fumes, and possible explosions poses a threat to the well-being of your team members. Adding a modular room will help keep operations in a controlled space, lessening the risk of accidents.

At National Partition, we understand how important it is to control your areas of operations. From the humidity to the lighting, so much goes into ensuring you’re growing quality vegetation and extracting the best oils. If you’re interested in adding a modular office system to your facility, check out our selection of enclosures and contact us to get a quote.

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