Summer has officially ended, and the weather is starting to drop; it’s hard not to get excited for the winter holidays. However, before we go into hibernation mode and cuddle next to the fire, preparing your modular office for the next few months is important.

After a scorching summer, many facilities are bracing themselves for a harsh winter. Many managers are creating effective winter maintenance plans to ensure that operations are continuous. You must begin developing a schedule or routine for your facility if you live in an area that faces wet, snowy, freezing temperatures.

But where do you begin? Here’s our winter modular office maintenance checklist to help you.

Inspect the Office Building

Before the winter months, it’s important to inspect the interior and exterior of your modular office. Doing so allows you to catch necessary repairs or maintenance issues before a storm hits. You should check for the following:

Inspect the HVAC System

Inspect your modular office’s HVAC system before, during, and after freezing temperatures or large winter storms if you have one. You must keep your building warm for your team and the products when temperatures fall. However, you could face outages, inflated heat costs, or a faulty system if the outside temperature freezes or otherwise impacts your HVAC system. Prepare your HVAC system by getting a professional to inspect and optimize it to handle freezing temperatures.

Create a Daily Routine

Consistency is key when maintaining a modular office in the winter. Creating a team of people who inspect and clean the office daily will be beneficial. You should also create a snow removal plan to keep your business operating. Having a small team clear the entrance, check the roof for snow or ice, monitor the interior temperature, and drain the outdoor water systems can make a major difference in your office’s energy usage. This daily routine will also help prevent major damage or issues from manifesting. You could face leaks, power loss, and more if you allow snow or water to stay on the pipes or the roof.

Plan for Power Loss

Planning for power loss is important if you’re stuck in a large winter storm or face freezing temperatures. Operations can continue seamlessly without major panic and loss—minimizing downtime—when you prepare for power outages. Depending on the size of your modular office, you should purchase portable or permanent generators to help keep your business going amid the storm.

Keeping your facility up to standard during the winter requires planning and consistency. The earlier you winterize your space, the less likely you’ll encounter issues. Use our winter modular building maintenance checklist to prepare for the cold and maximize your prefab office. Contact us today if you have additional questions about how National Partition can optimize your facility.