Inplant office

There's no doubt that working in a noisy environment is annoying. While the noise is bad enough, working in a noisy environment actually very negatively effects employees.

Noise causes stress

Loud noises and prolonged exposure to certain noises trigger a physiological stress response in our bodies. In a noisy environment, you might notice spikes in blood pressure and heart rate. Even sounds that office workers are exposed to like phones ringing and other conversations, affect the rhythm and rate of our hearts. Research has shown that even intermittent exposure to loud noises can lead to high rates of long-term stress hormone levels and even hypertension.

Noise decreases productivity

Even when exposed to one nearby conversation, workers can be up to 66% less productive. A study in the British Journal of Psychology found that whether you're reading or writing, background noise kills productivity. It gets even worse when the office or work environment has a large open floor plan because there is little to no separation for employees to help them stay focused.

Excessive noise costs money

The World Health Organization estimated that the annual cost to Europe alone from excessive noise levels is over $38 billion. That costs comes from list working days, healthcare costs, and reduced productivity. Additionally, workers in open-plan offices that are exposed to excessive noise take 70% more sick days than people who work from home.

Inplant offices help reduce noise

When you install inplant offices in your manufacturing plant, it involves utilizing a system that will meet the specific requirements of the plant. Modular offices have the option of sound control, and they are acoustically designed to outperform any typical conventional construction. Our inplant offices are rated with a sound transmission class (STC) of 45. Nearly 90% of engineers, 84% of contractors, and 76% of architects used prefabricated/modular construction processes on at least some of their projects, and it's easy to see why. If you need a place where your employees can escape the noise in your manufacturing plant, then soundproof warehouse offices are exactly what you need.