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National Partitions can provide your business with prefabricated guard booths to house your security personnel. Our portable guard Shacks are constructed with durable material. They can even withstand harsh weather conditions. These products can be installed quickly to ensure less down time. You can also easily relocate the booths.

Our portable guard shacks will defend your security guards from rain, snow, and hail. To learn more, give National Partitions a call today.

Booths Features

Guard Booth and Guard Shack Information


Our prefabricated guard booths protect your security workers from the weather. They are also spacious and comfortable.

These products are ideal for construction site security. You can also request additional options such as a bathroom area.


The portable guard booths from National Partitions are built with sturdy materials. This allows them to withstand the outdoor environment. From sheltering security personnel to equipment, our prefabricated guard booths have many uses.

Quality Features:

  • Portable, self-contained structures
  • Shipped completely assembled (when roof size allows) and ready for immediate use
  • Durable 3" Thick 24 gauge galvanized steel faced wall panels finished with a baked on acrylic enamel paint - NEW: Powder Coat wall finish option, custom colors available!
  • Highly insulated wall and roof panels utlizing a rigid EPS thermal core
  • Welded steel base, insulated, with forkliftable pockets on all four sides for easy handling
  • Rugged diamond plate steel floor
  • Leak proof 4" thick insulated roof panels utilizing single piece FRP surfaces (max size 100 sf +/-)
  • Wired electrical kit, requires power hookup only
  • Powder Coat finish on wall components, doors, floor, and base, for long lasting durability.
Booths Reconfiguration

Guard Booth and Guard Shack Options


These instant guard booth and guard shack solutions can be easily relocated to meet your changing needs.

Options include:

  • HVAC
  • Fixed or sliding windows
  • Swing or sliding doors
  • Extended roof overhangs
  • Flood lights
  • Counter tops
  • Raised platforms for increased visibility
  • Bollards

Excellent installation crew; great to work with.

— Ron O, Engineer

Design Options

1 Wall Type

  • Exterior Wall

    24 gauge galvanized steel finished with baked-on acrylic enamel paint on both wall sides and laminated to a thermal insulated core, to create a durable, energy efficient and weather resistant wall.

  • NEW: Premium Powder Coat

    Durable Powder Coat wall finish now available in our standard colors and many RAL or Sherwin Williams custom colors.

  • Colors

    Need a custom color? Give us a call!

2 Core Type

  • Honeycomb core

    Thermal Exterior Core

    Superior Insulation for walls R13.5, and roofs R18

3 Accessories

  • Windows

    Insulated double pane tempered safety glass. 48" high for increased light and visibility. Available in fixed or sliding style with many full width sizes available.

  • Doors

    Heavy duty, corrosion resistant 20 gauge steel doors and 16 gauge jambs, over-sized at 40" x 84". Includes a durable powder coat finish and heavy duty hardware. Many types such as sliding or dutch are available.

  • Electrical

    Outlets, lights, and switches pre-wired up to the breaker panel. Many types and options are available.

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