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EZ OFFICE is the fastest and easiest way to add a modular in-plant office in any warehouse or manufacturing facility. We have standardized this product line to include our most popular options and to use our best selling LEEDwall In-Plant Office System, which includes superior quality materials and a completely modular design.

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Why Choose EZ Office?

  • Faster, Stronger and Better than conventional drywall and stud construction.
  • Engineered to be superior to competing brands:
    • 50% thicker wall than thin wall systems. 3" thick wall panels for superior strength.
    • 33% thicker vinyl. 8 mil vinyl finish for superior durability.
    • 20% thicker gypsum. 5/8" gypsum for superior fire and sound ratings.
  • Speed. Your EZ Office is in stock and ready to go. Your office will be on its way ASAP!
  • Price. We have streamlined our processing to offer the industry's best value.
  • Complete. Delivered and installed pricing is available.

Design Options

Many Sizes

From 8x8 to 12x20


4 Wall, 3 Wall & 2 Wall

Steel Doors

Heavy Duty 3x7 w/Glass and Swing Options


4x4 Fixed Tempered Glass


Lights, Switch, Outlets, Breaker Panel

Air Conditioning

Wall Mount AC w/Heat and Wall Prep

What's Included

  • Modular Walls

    Completely modular and interchangeable solid wall panels with all non-progressive connecting hardware. Nominal 4' wide x 3 inches thick, 9' high (for comfortable and preferred ceiling height of 8'~). Dimensions are center line of the wall, add 4" clearance in all directions.

  • Wall Panel Construction

    Wall panel construction is our LEEDwall System with two sides 5/8" type X gypsum, laminated to a thermal insulated core. Wall panel finish is 8 mil vinyl. All wall panel connection posts, components and trim are painted to match the wall.

  • Steel Roof Deck

    A corrugated steel roof is provided with closure gaskets to seal out noise and dust. This B-Deck is minimum 22 gauge to meet no-load roof requirements and is typically galvanized or primer painted gray.

  • Acoustical Drop Ceiling

    All components necessary for a complete suspended acoustical drop ceiling with 2x4 mineral tiles and grid is provided.

  • Color

    Color is Tan for all wall panels, connecting posts, trim, doors, and window frames.

  • Steel Door

    MaxDoor, Heavy Duty Steel Door 40"x84" w/ 1/4" tempered glass, galvanealed: 20ga Door w/16ga Jamb, TextureCoat™ Powder Coat Finish, TiteSeal™ Gasketed Jamb, ADA compliant, commercial quality hinges and lever lockset. Swing as requested in design phase.

  • Windows

    Add-On Option: Any solid 4 foot wide wall panel can be supplied with a MaxLite 4x4 fixed 1/4" tempered glass window.

  • Basic Electrical Package

    Basic electrical package includes 2'x4' light fixtures, outlets, switch, ac outlet, and breaker panel. All wiring, ceiling conduit and bulbs are not included. An electrician is required for site electrical work, this is not included in our services. Suggested quantities are typical for your room size.

  • Air Conditioner

    Add-On Option: Wall mounted Air Conditioner w/heat and trimmed wall prep. Friedrick brand.

  • Regional Delivery

    Delivery may be added using our truck in these states: AL, GA, KY, NC, SC, TN, and VA. Other states will require LTL freight shipment to be added. Expedited shipping is always part of this program.

  • On-Site Assembly

    Add-On Option: Anchoring and assembling our product to a level concrete floor inside your building, per your approved design, and our standard site survey conditions, is included. If a 2 or 3 wall configuration is purchased, the customer must certify that the existing wall can handle the applied loads of our system.

  • Payment

    We accept checks, ACH deposits, and all major credit cards. We also provide discounts for prompt payments or net 10 day terms for balances.

  • Note

    All dimensions provided are nominal. Custom heights are not available. A finished floor is not provided. Site electrical wiring and electrician are not provided. Permits if required are the responsibility of the customer.

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