Professionals use cleanrooms for various applications like pharmaceutical and food production. The controlled environment prevents contaminants from ruining products. Companies can use traditional or modular cleanrooms for work. However, one is better than the other. Discover the best option.

What Is a Traditional Cleanroom?

A traditional cleanroom is a sterilized environment with low levels of pollutants like dust, airborne microbes, and bacteria. The contamination-controlled space provides the cleanest air possible for different applications.

Professionals use cleanrooms to manufacture products like food, pharmaceutical products, electronics, and medical equipment. The automotive industry also uses cleanrooms to test internal vehicle parts.

What Is a Modular Cleanroom?

A modular cleanroom is a prefabricated, controlled environment that limits the number of pollutants entering the room. Like traditional cleanrooms, modular structures offer contamination control to provide clean air.

The main distinction between the rooms is that manufacturers build modular cleanrooms off-site and install them at facilities. Modular structures have air filtration systems that regulate the environment.

They’re popular additions to medical laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing businesses.

Advantages of Traditional Cleanrooms

Traditional cleanrooms are permanent entities inside facilities. Constructed on-site, the rooms meet cleanroom and building standards for companies. Traditional cleanrooms offer consistent environments that regulate contamination. Companies have permanent rooms for experiments and manufacturing, making them a vital part of these organizations.

Advantages of Modular Cleanrooms

People prefer modular construction because it’s cost-effective, flexible, and fast. Modular construction is far less expensive than traditional construction because manufacturing happens off-site.

During assembly, companies customize the structures to ensure they meet the right specifications. The installation process is fast, requiring a couple of days to a few weeks to complete.

Companies can dissemble prefabricated rooms and place them in various areas inside their facility. The rooms are great for short-term and long-term use.

Which Room Is Better?

When assessing traditional and modular cleanrooms, modular rooms are better because they’re quick and easy to install. Traditional construction can take months to complete, which delays projects and experiments. When companies need cleanrooms, they need them now.

Businesses purchase prefab cleanrooms and receive their desired room in a short period. The rooms don’t disrupt buildings and have fast assembly. Companies receive all the benefits of traditional cleanrooms at lower costs and faster installation.

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