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Are Modular In-Plant Offices Worthy for Your Business?

Robert Farrow | Jul 23, 2021

Most growing businesses and companies find themselves in need of extra office space. However, if they can’t finance expansion, a problem arises. Without the extra space, the company may get losses. If you are a plant or facility manager, you must have found yourself in this position at least…

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Why Prefabricated Walls and Offices Might be Great for Your Next Project

Robert Farrow | May 25, 2021

When you've been tasked with leading a large construction project or managing an environment in progress, it can be hard to assemble all the parts together. In order to make sure that your project succeeds and lasts into the future, you need to have quality materials with competent people…

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Modular Warehouse Office

Robert Farrow | May 25, 2021

Your construction project is proceeding well. Everything seems to be going according to plan until you’re hit with a huge obstacle: your warehouse is quickly running out of office space. You try to use the remaining space as efficiently as possible, but it just isn’t enough. Fortunately, there’s a…

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4 Top Benefits of Warehouse Partitioning Systems

Robert Farrow | Apr 27, 2021

The need for extra office and warehouse space is a thorn in the side of many growing businesses and the behemoths as well. As your company grows and your operations expand, you’ll require more working space, even though it may not be feasible to hire extra warehouse space right…

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3 Workspaces that Benefit from Modular Offices

Robert Farrow | Apr 22, 2021

A modular office is essentially a pop-up office space that is used to create a private and quiet place to work. Typically, they’re made with a prefabricated office wall that allows the space to be customizable and fit your needs as well as possible. These offices are great for…

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