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Three Ways Prefabricated Office Spaces Benefit Warehouses and Factories

Austin Church | Jun, 17 2020

Between 60% and 90% of all prefabricated construction takes place in warehouses and factories. This type of construction takes is faster than other methods allowing for much less interference and disruption to the business. For this reason, modular construction has also become popular with hotels and other such...

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The Advantages of In-Plant Modular Offices

Tony D'Andrea | Jun, 04 2020

Modular office buildings are used throughout many industries, and there are many advantages they can offer, especially in large warehouse spaces that are otherwise lacking in individual sectioned spaces. Technically speaking there are two different types of modular offices: relocatable and permanent. Relocatable...

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4 Different Ways to Use Modular Enclosures

Logical Position | May, 20 2020

Modular enclosures are incredibly beneficial because they give you the ability to create a temporary room that functions like a permanent solution. There are many different ways you can use portable office walls and warehouse partitioning systems in your space.

Here are four ways you can use modular...

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Modular vs. Conventional: What Makes Inplant Offices Different?

Logical Position | May, 06 2020

When you need an office in your warehouse, chances are you immediately begin planning conventional construction. But before you consider the costs like labor and materials, it's worth consider modular methods instead. Modular methods of building allow for speedier construction times while still maintaining...

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5 Benefits of Using Modular Warehouse Offices for Your Business

Logical Position | Apr, 21 2020

If you operate your business from a warehouse, you are most likely struggling with the division of space and how to designate office space for your employees. When all your business operations are held within the same warehouse, it can be messy and confusing. While casual workers may not need personal space...

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