All orders are subject to progress billings per the following fee schedule: Three (3) days after receipt of the order no charge; afterwards a minimum cancellation fee of 5% will apply. After drawings are complete or sent out for approval, the minimum cancellation fee is 25%. Reworking of drawings during the approval process can increase the cancellation fee. Once the approval drawings are approved the minimum cancellation fee is 50%. Cancellations are not allowed for any reason for non-stock items, materials or outsourced items purchased, or after an order is placed in production, and are subject to full invoicing. Orders are considered placed in production (and non-cancellable) when the shop drawings and bill of materials are complete and released by our operations team to the plant manager. Shipped orders are non-returnable. Before shipment, should the Customer not pay deposits or invoices per terms, the Manufacturer may cancel the order at its sole discretion and progress billings per this paragraph shall be due from Customer.